We have chosen to use a Rainforest Alliance Certified blend of Arabica beans from Ethiopia, India and Honduras which offers a beautifully balanced cup of coffee and gives a rich malty taste. It is supplied to us by locally based Clifton Coffee.

Espresso – single or double shot of coffee

Americano – espresso shot/s in a cup half-filled with hot water

Macchiato – double espresso with a whisper of milk foam

Mocha – espresso shot/s with mixed with organic dark chocolate powder, topped steamed milk and sprinkled with chocolate powder

Hot Chocolate – organic dark chocolate powder and steamed milk sprinkled with chocolate powder

Caffe Latte – espresso shot/s served in a mug topped with steamed milk

Flat White – double espresso in a regular size cup topped with steamed milk

Cappuccino – espresso shot/s served in a cup topped up with steamed foamy milk and sprinkled with dark chocolate powder

Chai Latte – spiced chai mixed with steamed milk and sprinkled with cinnamon

Iced Coffee – double espresso shot served with cold milk over ice

Iced Mocha – double espresso shot with dark chocolate served with cold milk over ice

We always make our drinks with full fat Cow’s Milk if you would prefer skimmed milk please ask.

You can add extras to your drinks for an additional cost

Soya Milk – Alpro Professional
Syrups – ask us what flavours we have

Or if it is a cup of tea you are after we offer a lovely cup of Yorkshire Tea as well as a large range of Clipper Organic Teas.